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The first lighthouse in Hällevik

The lighthouse was built in 1892. Rather quickly it was obvious that the lighthouse was too short. It was difficult to distinguish the lighthouse beam from the lights of the nearby fishing cottages. After just one year the height was increased by five metres. In the beginning the lighthouse lamps were lit by paraffin. In 1913, the old lamp was replaced by gas lighting from AGA. When a new lighthouse on the pier was put into use, the old one was switched off on July 1, 1930. In April 1941, during World War II, the military instructed that the lighthouse be camouflaged. The lighthouse was covered with a mixture of soot and cement, making it difficult to see from the sea. A simple staircase was built. On the top of the tower, a foxhole for a machine gun was built. The lighthouse was sold in 1967 to a private person who restored it. After having been switched off for more than 40 years, it was switched on again in 1973. In dialect the lighthouse was called “the white old fellow”.